Assignment: Design an urban interior inspired on your concept about loneliness.

Location: Anna van Buren Plein, The Hague, Netherlands

The observer is lonely

Loneliness has gradations. 

There is loneliness everyone experiences sometimes but there are also extreme forms of loneliness. This extreme form of loneliness is not solveable in public space with a spatial design there are more factors to look at dealing with this extreme form. But the basic form of loneliness is a reflection moment. 

During this time you look at the world with a mental distance. And experience your surroundings in a different way. 

By building lookouts where one can isolate and look at other people from a distance I want to activate and simulate this feeling of loneliness. Combining this with the location problem. At night it is very dark and unpleasant to be at the Anna van Burenplein. Changing these lookouts at night into gigantic lanterns to create a safer and more pleasant area and give the area a dreamy atmosphere at night. 

There are three different kind of lantarns locate in the are. One person lantarns, two people lantarns and one three people lantarn.