The research lab Green Matter takes place in the Hogeveense Polder situated in the hearth of the flower bulb region, between Noordwijkerhout and Lisse. The polder is by origin a sandy plain, on which a layer of peat developed. This fertile land has been brought into culture in the course of the 17th and 18th centuries as meadows for cattle breeding. In the last century almost every meadow has been changed into a flower bulb landscape. To the present day, the polder is subject to transformation due to developments in the horticultural business and under the pressure of outside forces such as tourism, the local and national government and the local resident’s growing awareness of the use of pesticides. The Hogeveense Polder is a landscape that is literally created by farmers and growers, making use of their very specific techniques and often tailor made machinery and tools. 

As a result we realized a first test version of a guest cabin that is documented and described in such a way that it can be rented out on Airbnb. Reviews from guests should be taken in consideration and evaluated; they could lead to future improvements. 

In this research lab I did research into viewpoints and what view points are most appealing. And how you look at the separation from public and private not only in the guesthouse but also into relation to the residents of area. Next to this I made a color scheme of the landscape during the period of time i spend there.