Assignment: Collect as much material you can find or trade and build a shelter. The shelter has to be weatherproof and is a group project.

Location: Schoolyard 

Our group consisted out of two interactive media-designers, one furniture designer and me an interior architecture designer. During brainstorm sessions we imagined to build a shelter for a cult which focusses on one element of the four elements; fire, earth, water and wind. The element we choose was water. But quickly discovered that creating a cult was not our ambition. But more questioning the use of water in a settlement. It became an intertwining proces of building and philosophizing about how one uses water and how much water you need when in an emergency situation. With the materials we found and got, we've build a archetypical bathhouse. Where you could wash yourself and heat up the sauna for some relaxation. Outside there was a pool to cool off after using the sauna.